Having the perfect closet is a girls dream!!! And, I’m in the middle of organizing my closet. I saw an article on LifeBuzz that gave me tons of inspiration for my own re-design and organization.

Check out my favorite ones below.

1. Khloe Kardashian has strong feelings about closet organization. “I would not have my closet any other way but color coordinated,” she said in an interview. “It makes getting dressed in the morning much easier, and makes your closet appear much cleaner.”

Khloe K Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-4

2.  Eva Longoria has an amazing closet full of shoes and designer garments, including 50 pairs of jeans.

eva Longoria Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-14

3.  Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi share a closet in their Beverly Hills home. As you can see, they have decidedly different tastes in footwear.

Ellen Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-1

4. Kimora Lee Simmons combined two actual bedrooms in her home to create her closet. She definitely needs it: The mogul has over 500 pairs of jeans, 35 custom Birkin bags, and a huge jewelry collection.

Kimora Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-27

5.  Christina Aguilera has two giant closets, one dedicated entirely to shoes. She organizes them by designer, and has a library ladder to be able to reach them all.

Christina Aguilera-Celebrity-Closets-25




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