Spring Break is here and real talk…99% of the time when you travel, your child is cranky, bored, irritated or hungry!  Which brings me to tip #1…

1.       Bring Snacks – You simply cannot rely on airplane snacks and

meals, especially, if you have a fussy or finicky eater. I can’t be hard pressed on a flight and you shouldn’t either. I recommend taking little baggies of crackers, granola bars, cookies, gold fish to make sure that if your kiddo gets hungry you can at least try to put a cap on a meltdown. Also, pack an empty sippy cup or bottle in your bag.

2.       Download Games on Your Smartphone  – There are hundreds of apps aimed at young kids, and if you put a few on your phone before you travel, they can be a great way to kill time! I suggest you download your child’s favorites that will occupy their time and keep them busy, busy, busy!

3.       Don’t forget Toddler sized earphones! Most parents don’t think of this, however, having child-safe earphones means your child can watch the in-flight movie with a set of earphones that fits them comfortably and won’t slip off.

4.       New Toys and Books – Packing a few new things to play with—such as a pack of cards, some story books or a small stuffed animal—will delight your child and help make the flight special.

5.       Favorite movies on your iPad – Your child may not like the in-flight movie choices, so I recommend you load up on all their favs.


I don’t know about you…BUT I’m not trying to be THAT mama on a flight. Lol

Whatever you can do to keep your kids comfy, cozy and entertained on a flight, the better!

Hope this was helpful!



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