I¹m a very direct and honest person, so when I heard that Ashley was talking about my financial issues behind my back, I immediately felt angry, annoyed and disappointed. Filing for bankruptcy was a very serious matter and a result of a series of unfortunate events. Ashley¹s decision to discuss my business with Katie in a very insensitive and gossipy way was extremely tacky and immature. If Ashley was so concerned about my life, I would rather she called me to address whatever it was that she felt the need to know, which ultimately was none of her damn business anyway! For someone that is so eager to fit into a tight knit circle of women, Ashley certainly is doing an awful job working her way in!

Knowing that Ashley had been running her mouth about my finances, I was in no mood to attend her birthday party. I honestly did not even want to go, but I knew that I needed to take the opportunity to address Ashley face to face, birthday party or not. And she actually lucked up that it was her birthday party, because otherwise I would have handled her quite differently! I can¹t say that Ashley¹s explanation for gossiping about me made sense either. She claimed that I am standoffish and guarded so that¹s why she had to dig up information on me and talk about it. That sounds like total BS to me! And then the little girl challenges me on the nitty, gritty details of my situation. She has no clue what I have been through! Actually, if I felt like she was being genuine and caring, I would have been happy to share my story with her, however I did not walk away from that confrontation feeling that Ashley was truly caring or sympathetic. At 27, I still had a lot to learn about life and Ashley is certainly no different. The beef is squashed for now, but Ashley better not go there again!

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