Robyn Opens Up About Juan’s Off-Camera Conversation with Producers

Why did you want to go to OZ – did you plan on confronting Ashley the way it went down?  I don’t believe in attacking the messenger when the message comes from a sincere place. However, I was really bothered after hearing about how Ashley completely attacked and disrespected Charrisse and her unfortunate situation while

Robyn: I Have Been Scarred and Changed By This Experience

First of all, how in the world can I get “kicked off” of a committee that I NEVER agreed to be on? I saw those red flags coming from a thousand miles away and immediately knew that Katie’s host committee was something that I would not put my name on. I plan events for a

Bravo – Episode 5

Talk about a bomb! I wasn¹t quite prepared to hear Charrisse reveal that she is ready to divorce Eddie. I knew that she was struggling with her marriage but in now way thought that she was ready to wave the white flag! Divorce always saddens me, no matter who it is, but I really hate

Bravo – Episode 4

I¹m a very direct and honest person, so when I heard that Ashley was talking about my financial issues behind my back, I immediately felt angry, annoyed and disappointed. Filing for bankruptcy was a very serious matter and a result of a series of unfortunate events. Ashley¹s decision to discuss my business with Katie in

This Girls Trip Made Me Crazy!

Anyone ever feel like this?  I know I did while on this crazy ass girl’s trip! lol I kid…I kid…no…not really. LOL xoxo, Robyn