Core Strength

This was my first time attempting an overhead squat, a difficult exercise that challenges core strength and requires great mobility. Thank you @croftoncrossfit for helping me nail this move like a champ! ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎healthyliving‬ ‪#‎strongwomen‬

Getting Bikini Ready!

I will be honest, like every woman, my weight fluctuates and I’m a foodie. And, what female doesn’t get bloated?? Bloating is a part of life and being a woman. It’s already March and I want to give you a few special tips on how to build that confidence and get bikini ready in just

Three Tips For Healthy and Tasty Meals

Most say that the words delicious and healthy just don’t go together. I’m here to prove naysayers wrong. Here are my 3 simple tips for making your road to a healthy lifestyle delicious. Load up on fresh herbs. Adding fresh rosemary, thyme and other savory herbs will help you lessen the need to include prepared

Burn More Work Less!

As a busy mom, I often have very little time to squeeze in my workouts. I’ve adopted some short cuts to help me burn more calories and fat in less time so I can maximize my workout. Here are a couple of my tricks: Before my workouts, I drink an energy-boosting smoothie that includes some

Recipe Corner: Three Spring Slim Down Shakes!

Hey beauties! Spring is almost here and I want to feel confident and healthy this season! I’m preparing for shorts and crop top season and want to help you put together a food plan that will have you looking beautiful! Unfortunately, working out isn’t always enough and you are a reflection of what you eat.