I will be honest, like every woman, my weight fluctuates and I’m a foodie. And, what female doesn’t get bloated?? Bloating is a part of life and being a woman. It’s already March and I want to give you a few special tips on how to build that confidence and get bikini ready in just two weeks!


  1. Avoid high sodium foods.
    If you know you have a pool party or beach day coming up, ease up on conventional dressings and high sodium condiments like soy sauce and ketchup. Extra sodium can cause water retention that can make you look less lean. Even if it’s a healthy recipe, pay attention to sodium content and how much salt you’re adding to your salads and veggies. Don’t avoid it completely though—you need salt! Just be a little more aware.
  2. Eat slowly and savor your meals!
    If you usually have lunch on the go or in a hurry, make an extra effort to savor and enjoy every bite. Eating too fast can cause bloating because you aren’t chewing your food well.
  3. Eat anti-bloating foods.
    Ginger, peppermint, lemon and asparagus! These foods have all been shown to help your body naturally get rid of bloat. If you’ve had a salty meal or just want a little extra help before you put on that bikini try these… Add a squeeze of lemon to your water all day long. This is actually super beneficial for many reasons. Sip on peppermint tea the night before. Add a little spiciness to your homemade juice and throw a piece of ginger into the mix! It tastes great with veggie-based juices. If it’s grilling time, throw some asparagus on the BBQ. Asparagus has been shown to be a natural diuretic that will help you get rid of excess water weight, stat!

I hope this helps you feel ready to slip on your bikini!


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