First of all, how in the world can I get “kicked off” of a committee that I NEVER agreed to be on? I saw those red flags coming from a thousand miles away and immediately knew that Katie’s host committee was something that I would not put my name on. I plan events for a living and would never jeopardize being associated with a disastrous event. And, wow, I learned something new about Katie – she is EXTREMELY sensitive and can not handle constructive criticism at all. Katie must have never been told “no” or “maybe” or “wait” or “think again” ever in her life! And if she has, she probably kicked those people out of her life for saying such horrible things!

I thought things were going so well on our drive to the beach so I was so confused when Katie suddenly pulled over to stop driving. She seemed to be fine talking about her experiences and had no problem owning her past, so I didn’t notice her all of a sudden getting quiet and more pensive. But somewhere along the way, Gizelle reading Katie’s blog must have touched a nerve and brought back some bad memories for Katie. I must say “thank you” to Katie though for putting our safety first and having the sense to pull over if she was feeling upset.

Remind me to NEVER invite the ladies to spend the weekend at my house!!! They might be lucky if they get an air mattress to sleep on. I seriously could not believe that they were so allergic to twin beds that they were going to find a hotel to stay in. Sometimes I just don’t know who these ladies are. I mean, did they serve as the Queen of England in their previous lives? This was supposed to be a fun ladies trip and it starts off with a bunch of complaining and whining – how disappointing! I thought to myself, “if this is what the rest of the trip will look like, then I should book my own return ride home.” I just wanted to have a relaxing and fun, kid-free week with my good friends and they seriously made me think that staying home with the kids would have been a better time.


Although I was digging sand out of my ears for weeks, I am so glad that I tried surfing! It was very hard but a lot of fun. I have the utmost respect for people who surf competitively. It takes a lot of strength and balance and tons of fearlessness! Of course, I wished that ALL of the ladies would have tried surfing, but who am I kidding, there was no way that the Queens of Nowhere were going to get their hair wet. They wouldn’t have been able to get up on that surfboard anyway! Kudos to me for actually standing up on the surfboard! I wish I could have rode that wave a little but longer!

One thought on “Robyn: I Have Been Scarred and Changed By This Experience

  1. You’re a normal, cool lady Robyn & so was the Hostess. All the other shady ladies are kinda ego-maniacs. It takes all kinds right? 🙂

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