I don’t know about you, but for me, being a mom goes a whole lot more smoothly when I have even a tiny bit of help.  I ran across 4 different Apps that will make any mom’s life so much easier!


Mom Maps (iOS). Have you ever found yourself visiting a town you aren’t familiar with and wanting to find some great spots to take your kids? This one gives you great suggestions and info for kid-friendly places and activities in select areas in the US, like museums, parks and events. You can even suggest spots in your town so other visiting parents can take their kids to the best places (kind of like Yelp for parents)… Love the idea of moms helping moms.

Key Ring (iOS & Android). This app isn’t exactly child specific but could be a major lifesaver. Have you ever forgotten or misplaced one of those many annoying grocery store rewards cards you need to get the sale prices? Instead of scrambling through your bag while your little ones (and the people behind you) get antsy, open the Key Ring app and you’re done. It’ll store all your rewards cards in one place and save space in your bag.

Intuition (iOS). Intuition can really help you organize your life by keeping track of appointments, shopping lists, recipes, activities and more in one place. It’s got a clean interface and the ability to color code – so necessary when you have a busy schedule like mine.

Learner Mosaic (iOS). Learner Mosaic is an app designed by early-learning experts to give parents tips and advice. The app alone is an amazing resource but when paired with the company’s kids app, Leo’s Pad, Learner Mosaic will give you insights into your little one’s learning strengths, weaknesses and passions based on what they choose to do with it. It also offers personalized suggestions on how to help them keep getting better at what they are already good at and improve on what they aren’t.

If you have any time saving apps to add to the list, be sure to share below!


2 thoughts on “What The App? 4 Time Saving Apps for Moms!

  1. Hi Robyn,

    I can’t find the intuition app. The only app with that name is a hypnosis and spiritual app. Can it be found by another name? It sounds like a great time saving app.


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